Minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting

Date and Location

Sunday November 1, 2015 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Monte Carlo Inns Toronto Markham 
8900 Woodbine Avenue,
Markham, ON L3R 5K6


19 Delegates, 3 new members (within the last 90 days) 4 Supporters and 1 guest speaker attended for a total of 27 attendees.

Delegates Delegates Others
  • Gene Balfour, Delegate
  • Igor Bily, Delegate
  • Jean-Serge Brisson, Delegate
  • Rob Brooks, Delegate
  • George Dance, Delegate
  • Paolo Fabrizio, Delegate
  • Marty Gobin, Delegate
  • GJ Hagenaars, Delegate
  • Craig Hodgins, Delegate
  • Angie Liao, Delegate
  • Jim McIntosh, Delegate
  • Barb Preston, Delegate
  • Allen Small, Delegate
  • Heath Thomas, Delegate
  • Nunzio Venuto, Delegate
  • John White, Delegate
  • Ronald White, Delegate
  • Damien Wilson, Delegate
  • Wojo Wrzesniewsk, Delegate
  • Katerina Androutsos, Member
  • John Finley, Member
  • Adam McEwan, Member
  • Jordan Epstein, Supporter
  • Scott Johnston, Supporter
  • Zulu Khumalo, Supporter
  • Rubens Maximus, Supporter
  • Gerry Nicholls, Guest Speaker

9:30 AM - Registration

10:00 AM - Welcome and Call to Order

George Dance assumed the chair of the meeting and welcomed all attendees to the meeting.

Leader's Report

Allen Small:

Allen itemized the significant progress made by the OLP in 2015:

  • 68% of ridings represented
  • the introduction of more formalized goals and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to help measure progress
  • electronic database set up and approved by Elections Ontario
  • CRM (Customer Relations Database) improved and "tweaked"
  • facebook contacts significantly exploited, and growing
  • OLP is the 5th largest party in Ontario, and ready for a "breakthrough"

The reality is that we attract about 1% of the voters. Although we all agree that a smaller governmemt is better, faster, cheaper, we are still missing a clear, concise and valid arguement for smaller government. A discussion followed on the need to "bridge the gap" from 1% to 5% by focusing on capturing the low hanging fruit, and how to reconcile smaller government with the public's perception of the need for more services.

Treasurer's Report

Jim McIntosh:

Jim provided copies of the Income and Expenses Statement as of September 30, 2015 and for 2014 Vs. 2013. Our bank balance as of September 30 is over $24,000, considerably higher than last year

  • the party attracts several new members per week by facebook
  • Jim introduced the book "Healing our World" as an excellent new source of libertarian support, showing how the government is the problem, not the solution to the problems.

11:00 AM - Guest Speaker - TJ Walker

TJ Walker via Skype, Online Media and Public Speaking Training for Political Candidates

  • TJ Walker (a respected training professional based in the US) presented via Skype an excellent 1 hour review of his candidate training program. All agreed that this was a great tool for developing the secrets of effective presentation. The Party executive will consider acquiring this program for future candidates.

Some bullet highlights :

  • voters don't really care about the candidate - they care about themselves
  • successful candidates focus on the voter's interests
  • candidates need to develop and focus on 3 key "sweet spots"
  • record your key message on video and practice again and again until you like it
  • rephrase questions to make it easier to answer
  • 10 speech patterns get media attention .. e.g. "biggest" or "the only"

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 PM - Guest Speaker - Gerry Nicholls

Gerry Nicholls - How the Federal Election was Won and Lost

Gerry discussed his assessment of the recent Federal Election, and his thoughts on how the Liberals swept to a majority government. He also offered his thoughts on where the parties were headed in the future. Some points of interest:

  • it is staggering the amount of voter ignorance on politics and on issues
  • fear of change (any kind) is a factor in politics
  • complacency was prevalent in the conservative party
  • left / right polarization is increasing due to media specialization. Preaching to the converted.
  • political parties need an "enemy" or a "bad guy" on which to direct attacks
  • in perhaps 15 - 20 years, libertarian party may be the only small government, fiscally conservative party

2:00 PM - Elections

"(E)" indicates Elected.

- Campaign Director

Nominee Nominator Votes
Rob Brooks GJ Hagenaars 18 (E)
NOTA - 0

- Members-at-Large

2 to be elected

Nominee Nominator Votes
Igor Bily Allen Small 10 (E)
Ron White John White 8
Damien Wilson GJ Hagenaars 12 (E)
GJ Hagenaars Jean-Serge Brisson 8
NOTA - 0

- Ethics Committee

2 to be elected

Nominee Nominator Votes
Ron White Allen Small 13 (E)
Jean-Serge Brisson Damien Wilson 15 (E)
Sam Applebaum Jim McIntosh 9
NOTA - 0

- Ballot Retention

MOVED BY Paolo Fabrizio as amended by Jim McIntosh, SECONDED BY Heath Thomas
that ballots for the 2015 elections be retained and available for scrutiny for 30 days after publishing, after which they will be destroyed. 
19 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Carried

MOVED BY GJ Hagenaars, SECONDED BY Ron White
that the delegates thank all outgoing members of the executive and committees for their contributions. 
19 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Carried

3:00 PM - Open Discussion

Active Campaigning : a discussion presented by candidates who have run previously (coordinated by Rob Brooks)

  • Gene Balfour: - 2018 goal is to get someone elected, and field 122 candidates (full slate). Build an ongoing foundation to fund awareness. Emphasis on personal approach (eg per capita debt)
  • Heath Thomas:- "lone wolf"approach won't work. The key is to create a team and a network of active supporters.
  • Igor Bily: - need better messaging techniques. Most voters think the solution for government ineffectiveness is to replace the existing politicians with different politicians.
  • Paolo Fabrizio: - can always find something that a voter can agree on. Stay positive, believe in our message, stay the course. maintain enthusiasm and energy !
  • Rob Brooks : - (Presentation https://libertarian.on.ca/files/awareness.pdf) 90% of voters agree with us, but 90% are unaware of us. An awareness strategy campaign .. action-->awareness-->conversion. Combine "less government" with lower taxes. Concentrate on 1 riding - need 200 support people to win.

Motion To Adjourn (4:20PM)

MOVED BY Jim McIntosh, SECONDED BY Allen Small
 the meeting be adjourned. 
19 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained. Carried

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