Personal Freedom

  • Posted on: 8 September 2011
  • By: Darcy Neal Donnelly

Personal Freedom is a personal choice decided by each individual person. You choose how much personal freedom you give yourself. When you make your own desicions under your own free will, you have personal freedom. To quote a song "If you decide not to choose, you have still made a choice". You are your own decision maker.

Now people, ourselves included will try to influence, guide and suggest to others on how to make a decision. Right or wrong in our own opinion, we must accept the decisions that others make for themselves. The only decision made by others, that is not acceptable by us individually is their decision to take control of our decisions. When others make our decisions, we no longer have personal freedom.

Personal freedom is the primary decision that leads to economic decisions and to political decisions. Our own individual economic decisions creates our community economic freedom. Again, our own individual political decisions creates our community political freedom. Community decisions are initiated by individual decisions.

We as community members will each individually decide to grant to other individuals within our community the freedom to influence our decisions. Some community members will decide to grant to other individuals the freedom to decide on their behalf. Individuals deciding to grant decision making freedom to others is acceptable to the "granting" decision makers.

If you give up your personal freedom by your own choice, you still have made a decision. If another or others are forcing decisions upon you, you are free to accept or reject the other persons or comunity decisions on your behalf.  If you decide to reject another persons freedom to make your decisions; You are deciding to keep your personal freedom.