To join, or not to join - THAT should be the question!

  • Posted on: 13 January 2013
  • By: Gene Balfour

The time has come to repeal the legislation that mandates all Ontario teachers be a union member. Each teacher must be empowered with the right to choose whether or not to be associated in any manner whatsoever with a union. This right is the real basis of democracy but, somewhere in our political past, taken from our teachers and replaced by Union organizations that have lost their moral compass  and taken actions and positions that now reflects badly on the teaching profession as a whole. This is unfair to the teachers whose only interest is the make a positive impact on the children they teach.

Our best teachers have always been the ones who truly put children first over politics, union or otherwsie. These professionals are the the ones to whom we entrust with much of the responsibility to guide and shape out children into future productive citizens. They deserve our support to help them to re-gain the respect and trust of every citizen and all our media vehicles. This cannot be achieved, however,  when they are not free to choose between union representation or no union representation; between doing what they believe is best for the children or being cajolled into supporting "union solidarity" even when the position taken by the union is distasteful to them personally.

Furthermore, our best teachers should never not be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment if they choose not to join the union.

Finally, we must support “safe workplace” policies for teachers so that those who exercise their Right to Choose and forego union representation will be protected from the bullying tactics that union members often use to alienate and punish non-union supporters. 

Its time to "show the love" for our best teachers! Let them know that we trust them to make their own decisions and that they no longer require
"union solidarity' to dictate how they will be percieved by their students and the public  at large. These repeal these regulatory shackles and free our best teachers to conduct themselves as the true teaching professionals that they are within our Ontario school systems.