The OLP defends the Right to Work for ALL Ontario citizens equally ….

  • Posted on: 13 December 2012
  • By: Gene Balfour

Every citizen should have the right to a safe and equitable workplace where they are free to pursue their own individual interests in alignment with their employers’ and without interference from third parties. This right does not exist in a unionized work place that is not governed by Right to Work legislation.

Past liberal and conservative governments have passed legislation to enable union leaders to operate under the premises that, if ‘majority rule’ is the foundation of democracy in society at large, then it must be equally applicable in the workplace. They claim that, if the majority of workers vote for union representation, then it must be accepted and funded by every worker since “every worker benefits”; no ‘free riders’ allowed.

However, the individual rights of the ‘minority’ who reject union representation are ignored. They are forced to join the union and pay its dues under threat of job loss or on-the-job union bullying tactics aimed at non-union members.

Result: Past liberal and conservative governments have award unions the power to “tax” [‘union dues’ are coerced and, therefore, share the same nature are government-imposed taxes ] workers and force membership to a group with whom many workers have rejected. There is nothing safe or equitable about such a workplace.