Donate to the Party

Ontario Residents

I am a resident of Ontario and I want to make a secure donation via PayPal and receive an Official Tax Receipt.  (See Tax Credits below.)  If you are not already on our mailing list please include your mailing (shipping) address when paying so that we can send you a Tax Receipt!  You do not need to have an account with PayPal if you have a credit card.

Make a monthly donation.

$33.25/month ($399/year) $8.33/month ($99.96/year)

To contribute a different amount, use a combination.  For example, to contribute $75/month, click on $50/month and then $25/month. 

Make a one-time donation.

Specify the amount in PayPal

A donation of $45 or more will pay your membership for 5 years; a donation of $10 will pay your membership for one year.
See below for the value of Tax Credits.

NOTE: If you donate more than $100 in a calendar year the Party is required to report your name, address and amount of your donation(s) to Elections Ontario as part of our Annual Financial Return.  Elections Ontario makes this information available to the public in their office and on their web site

Non-Residents of Ontario

People who do not live in Ontario but wish to be members of our Party may (by law) only buy an annual membership and will not receive an Official Receipt for tax purposes. Please include your mailing (shipping) address when paying so that we can send you our newsletter (unless you are already on our mailing list)!

Pay $25 membership as a non-resident of Ontario


The tax credit is calculated as 75% of the first $399, 50% of the next $931 and 33.33% for the next $1,696. It is based on your total political conributions for the calendar year. An Official Receipt will be mailed to you early in the new year. 
The maximum tax credit is $1,240 on a contribution of $2,821. 
By law, the maximum contribution to the Party is $9,975.

Tax Credits
Tax credit After-tax cost
$5 $60 $45.00 $15.00
$10 $120 $90.00 $30.00
$20 $240 $180.00 $60.00
$30 $360 $270.00 $90.00
$50 $600 $399.75 $200.25
$75  $900  $549.75 $350.25
 $100 $1,200  $699.75 $500.25
 $125 $1,500  $821.42 $678.58
 $150 $1,800 $921.42 $878.58