Annual Liberty Seminar and General Meeting

  • Posted on: 12 December 2010
  • By: Matthew Belanger

A sell-out crowd attended our event and heard from three fascinating speakers.

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio advised that arguing from the morality of freedom would be more effective than arguing for effects of liberty. We may expect liberty to provide many improvements and benefits, but there will be some who will suffer when government stops providing benefits. Stefan posted a video of his presentation on YouTube.

Dr. William Gairdner, author of The Trouble with Canada ... Again talked about Prime Minister Trudeau being a Libertarian Socialist; a Libertarian in privates matters (the government does not belong in our bedrooms) but a Socialist in public matters (everyone deserves a minimum standard of health care and education).

Honourable Mr. Justice Marvin Morten representing Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) talked about his experience on the bench, deciding on bail for young girls involved in prostitution and hooked on drugs, sending them back to the street. He pointed out that incarcerating drug addicts is far more expensive than treating them early. He recommended the Portland Housing Society as a model that provides sustainable housing for "hard to house" individuals.

Craig Hodgins, our Campaign Manager, reviewed plans for the October 2011 provincial election and offered advice for anyone interested in being a candidate.

Matt Belanger was elected and Allen Small was re-elected for a one-year term as Members at Large. George Dance and Chester Brown were elected to three-year terms on our Ethics Committee.