Congratulations to the new Premier of Ontario little change from the old.

  • Posted on: 27 January 2013
  • By: Allen Small
Press Release

- M E D I A   R E L E A S E –


“I offer my sincere congratulations to Kathleen Wynne, the new Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and premier-designate,” said Allen Small Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party. He continued: “I’m forever hopeful that Ontario Liberals will one day return to their classical liberal roots, and we can work together to make Ontario a model of limited government for the rest of Canada and the world.”  

Much has been made about the facts that Ms. Wynne will be the first female, gay Premier of Ontario. “I welcome these developments showing that gender and sexual orientation are irrelevant to ability, as we believe they should be,” said Mr. Small. “The Libertarian Party was a forerunner in that respect, being the first registered party in Ontario to elect a female leader, Kaye Sargent, back in 1985.”

Though Premier-designate Wynne seems to offer a fresh new beginning for the Liberal Party, the truth is she was in the Caucus since 2003, and a Cabinet Minister for the past six years. During that time, the McGuinty Liberal government ran up huge deficits and debt, while squandering billions of dollars on eHealth, ORNGE, alternative energy, and the irresponsible moving of gas power plants. The provinces finances have been so poorly managed that Ontario’s ballooning debt was downgraded by two ratings agencies. 

While Wynne was the Minister of Education, she led the efforts to institute full day kindergarten in Ontario, an added financial burden on the system with dubious merit. That mistake became central to Bill 115, and the current dispute with Ontario’s teachers. 

All of those unresolved issues finally led to Premier McGuinty’s resignation, and the proroguing of the Ontario Legislature for at least four months. Nor should we forget that both the Progressive Conservatives, and NDP were complicit in supporting the minority status quo for over a year.  

In her first press conference, Premier-designate Wynne blamed the worldwide economic crisis for Ontario's current fiscal woes. “Surely, it's the job of government to prepare for such eventualities rather than aggravate the situation,” commented Mr. Small.  “Wynne's track record, the minority status of the government, the list of unresolved scandals and the mismanagement of Ontario's financial affairs, are all indicators that this government has lingered on well past its ‘Best Before’ date.”

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