Spring 2103 issue of Bulletin available

  • Posted on: 8 March 2013
  • By: Jim McIntosh
Regular News

In anticipation that the Liberal minority governemnt will fall this spring and the Party will be in campaign mode, we ask for funds from our supporters and include a copy of the new election platform with the mailing.  This issue also includes three Media Releases focused on our platform; we advise the new Premier, Kathleen Wynne, to adopt our platform; we offer a number of ways to improve education; and we recommend ending subsidies to all forms of electricity generationa and risky energy programs.  On the subject of education, Gene Balfour asks why public school teachers must join the union. Treasurer Jim McIntosh provides the financial repoort for 2012.  In addition to our monthly Pub Nights, you are invited to join us for the 15th annual Libertarain BBQ on May 5. 

To read the online version, click here.  For the print version, click here