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  • Posted on: 16 May 2014
  • By: Allen Small
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Allen Small

My name is Allen Small, a candidate in the riding of Markham-Unionville and the leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party.

I know Libertarian is not a household name yet.

But, if you're one of the more than 50% of eligible voters that did NOT vote in the last provincial election you may be interested in what I'm about to say.

My party is unique and different from the other political parties. 

One key difference is Libertarians believe the problems created by governments cannot be fixed with yet more government. 

Libertarians would limit the size and scope of government, resulting in lower taxes, and more social and economic freedom.

It’s time to change the paradigm. One group of voters should not have the power to coerce another group of voters into paying for their pet projects or programs. Government should have clearly defined and limited powers.

Libertarians believe that the provincial government monopolies of medical care, education, electrical generation and transmission and alcohol sales need to be reviewed and revised. Libertarians would open each of these to competition.

Monopolies are a disservice to citizens whether they are corporate monopolies or government monopolies. Everyone knows that competition leads to innovation, better service, lower prices, more choices, and Libertarians are the party of choice.

For the first time ever we have Libertarian candidates in 74 ridings across the length and breadth of Ontario. This represents a huge increase over the last General Election in 2011. Voters in those ridings will have a clear choice in this election, more of the same, or a unique alternative, a real choice.

If you would like to help please contibute to our General Election Fund, or contact me at: info@libertarian.on.ca OR one of the 74 candidates or the Riding Contact in your region.

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