If I wanted Ontario to fail

  • Posted on: 5 June 2014
  • By: Allen Small
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If I wanted Ontario to fail, I’d create a political party system with three major parties that proclaim their differences, but are cut from the same cloth.

If I wanted Ontario to fail, I’d start with the Liberals, and electricity. I’d empower unelected bureaucrats to make energy decisions that belong in the hands of consumers, and when those decisions result in the poor placement of a gas powered generation plant or two, I’d spend a billion dollars trying to cover up my mistake. With a criminal investigation pending, and public outrage at its peak, I’d delete relevant emails and use taxpayer dollars to hire lawyers. And when all of this finally came crumbling down, I’d mildly apologize as if I had nothing to do with it, even though I was in the room when the decision was made.

If I wanted Ontario to fail, I’d move to the Conservatives and a million jobs plan that is so riddled with botched numbers it belongs on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” When analysts and the media called out my botched numbers, I’d pump out anti-labour rhetoric so inflammatory that it ignites class warfare and conflict. I’d pit teachers against government, when in reality we should be talking about students. I’d talk about how we need to limit the size of government, but when asked about government agencies like LCBO, I’d affirm the status quo stating that the sale of alcohol is a core function of government.

If I wanted Ontario to fail, I’d move to the NDP. I’d come out against government corruption and propose a solution that involves even more government, hopelessly pretending that others don’t notice that I can’t diagnose the problem. I’d ridicule the Liberal party and their corporate bailouts, and when I propose the exact same policy, I’d call it “a strategic investment.” I’d talk about students, and freezing OSAP interest rates, and when the numbers came out showing it would cost the government over $350 million, I’d shrug my shoulders as if I too just realized my mistake.

Fortunately I don’t want Ontario to fail. I’d like an Ontario that revitalizes manufacturing, without spending millions in corporate welfare schemes. I want an Ontario that has a dynamic school system, held up by innovation, not held down by bureaucracy. I want an Ontario that realizes that governments can’t create jobs; but can facilitate job creation by getting out of the way.

This is the political climate of the day in Ontario, and you can vote to change it or not. Join us, and Vote Libertarian.

David Clement, Libertarian Candidate - Oakville.

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