Doctors protest fee cuts at Queen's Park April 23/16

  • Posted on: 25 April 2016
  • By: Allen Small
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We had a team at the Concerned Doctors Rally on April 23 at Queen's Park. Here are some of the team members and the signs that were used. We also handed out a flier. Our issue was patient centred: why should patient care be subject to long wait lists caused by rationing?
The doctors were their trying to protect their fee schedule.  
The Ontario Medical Association (OMA), representing the doctors, and the Ministry of Health (MoH) have been unable to agree on a contract for more than two years.
Because doctors work on a fee-for-service system, they can bill the province (MoH) on an open ended basis. They can make more or less depending on how much they decide to work. The MoH is trying to control costs by cutting the service fees. Those are the ‘cuts’ the doctors are complaining about. The doctors want binding arbitration to settle this contract dispute. Of course, arbitrators look at both employee wants and the ability of the employer to pay. The ultimate employer in this case, the taxpayer, is viewed by arbitrators in public sector deals as a virtual unlimited source of funds. That’s why the MoH is unwilling to resort to binding arbitration, costs will not be controlled.
It’s time to think differently about how the system is structured, and how doctors are paid. If doctors have the freedom to bill the system on an open ended basis, why not allow them to opt out?
Here was our flier:

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