The Ontario Libertarian Party selects Allen Small as candidate In Scarborough-Rouge River.

Media Release August 3, 2016

The Ontario Libertarian Party is proud to announce that Party Leader, Allen Small, will represent the Party in the Scarborough-Rouge River by-election.

Allen spent thirty years of his teaching career working at two schools within the Scarborough Board of Education and then the Toronto District School Board after amalgamation. Now retired from teaching, his last school in Scarborough was Agincourt Collegiate Institute {14 years]. The Scarborough-Rouge River riding overlaps the catchment area of Agincourt C. I.

At the announcement Allen commented: “This government has proved to be one of the most corrupt, least accountable, least responsible, in my memory. After 13 years they have thoroughly botched up what was already an ailing energy system. Who knew, it could be made worse? Not only has our Hydro system not improved, but the price of electricity today is sky high. Ontarians have become the climate change guinea pigs of North America lead by ideological zealots within the government who are determined to stop climate change with painful taxes, bans and endless subsidies paid for by the citizens of Ontario. All this was done under the supposedly watchful eye of the opposition parties in the legislature. They have been complicit in this.”

Small went on to point out that our healthcare system is in disarray. Physicians, the primary health care providers, have been without a Contract for more than 2 years. Ailing patients must leave the country to receive timely medical care or risk dying."

"In education,” continued Small, “the curriculum is geared to suit the government’s agenda rather than the wishes of parents or the needs ol students.“

“The provincial debt is now $300 Billion and rising,“ he noted. “It is the largest sub-sovereign debt on Earth, as a consequence of this governments mismanagement."

These issues and others make it imperative for the people of Scarborough-Rouge River to send a strong voice to the Legislature that will advocate for lower Hydro prices, a healthcare system that meets the needs of Ontarians. an education system that allows parents to choose the values they want their children to he taught, and lower taxes with less government red tape.

Allen Small will be that strong voice. Polling day is September 1. 2016.

The Ontario Libertarian Party has been a registered political party since 1975. We advocate individual liberty through free markets, property rights, and limited government. Contact: info@il'