Statement of Income and Expenses—Unaudited


  1. 2015 Donations included $4,812 to reimburse the Party for an ad run by a candidate during the 2014 General Election. Had this been received in 2014, donations last year (including Election donations) would have exceeded 2015 by $5,783.

11. The Party plans to spend $200/mo for ads on Facebook, plus $1,000 for materials for active candidates (e.g. buttons, etc)

14. We plan to send Bulletin to all current members and donors ($1.800 for printing) plus $1,200 to print brochures for new members and candidates.

24. 2017 Budget includes $800 for folding, stuffing and mailing Bulletin plus $1,170 for Online Media Training course

27. 2017 Budget of $600 is for the Annual BBQ

29. 2017 budget includes $250 for the Party’s Web Site and $250 for our Meetup subscription to promote Toronto and Ottawa Pub meetings.

30. The Prepaid Expense of $1,170 offsets the $1,170 in Professional Fees since it does not affect the bank account.,

33 The $1,000 is budgeted will allow the Party to respond quickly when a by-election is called.