Don’t waste your vote.... — By Allen Small, Leader

During mid-August, my family and I spent 10 days driving through the mid-western United States, visiting cities like Chicago and St. Louis, but primarily to witness the total eclipse of the sun. We were in the American heartland, and I listened intently to the local talk radio shows while driving. What I heard was disturbing. Violent protest groups removed historical statues and pressed for the rewriting of American history. The books that I had read in my youth about a dystopian future seemed to be coming true. Atlas Shrugged, 1984, Fahrenheit 451.... The LEFT is intent on pressuring governments at all levels to rewrite history to suit their views. Once we crossed the border into Ontario, the first news story I heard was that the Elementary Teacher’s Federation had voted to ask for the removal of the name “Sir John A. MacDonald” from provincial schools because he had a central role in the “genocide of indigenous people.” All I could do was shake my head and remind myself why I’m a Libertarian activist and why it’s so important to push back.

I’ve run in five election campaigns as a Libertarian and I’ve been told many times by electors they would not vote for me because they did not want to “waste their vote” even though they agreed with my views. The typical Libertarian retort for this is: ‘if you vote for the lessor of evils, you still vote for evil.’ I’ve never been satisfied with that answer.  Most people (except us) don't consider politicians evil. If they did, the jails would be filled with politicians. But they’re not, and almost half of Ontario’s electors don’t even vote because they think it makes no difference. We need to give people a better reason to vote for us.

Try this. People contribute to medical charities: cancer, heart and stroke, diabetes research etc. No one expects that his or her contribution will be the difference in actually arriving at a cure. Yet people still give because they want there to be a cure eventually. People don't consider their contribution a waste. People give because they know their gift sets the direction for the future, and provides the hope that the cure will be achieved, and that maybe someone in their family will be helped. That's the way I prefer to look at a vote for the Libertarian Party. A hope for the future - a vote that will help move things in the right direction. A political cure that provides more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. No one stops giving to charity because the cure did not happen; they keep giving year after year, its hope and help. That's how I'd like to see voters think about their vote. A Libertarian vote is NOT a wasted vote; every vote is counted and the totals are examined. All parties analyze the vote totals. A significant Libertarian vote total plus our goal of a full slate will make other parties and the media take notice; maybe even adopt or discuss some of our ideas.

Tell people to vote for what you want, vote for less government, more choices, lower taxes, and more social and economic freedom - this is why people should vote Libertarian and not waste their vote.