Full Slate—Progress to date — By Rob Brooks, Campaign Director

As most of you probably know, the party has undertaken to run a full slate in the upcoming election, scheduled for June 7, 2018. I say scheduled, because the election could actually be called any time. The Election law in Ontario was changed last year, bringing in all sorts of new rules and regulations. None of this really helps us overall, but we do have to react and take best advantage of the rules, whatever they might be.

The bottom line is for a full slate we need 122 candidates in 122 ridings. Only when we accomplish this will we take the next step forward. Voters will give our ideas the better attention they deserve when our party moves out of “fringe” party status, into “credible” status. We know we can do it, so that is our #1 objective. We have saved money for the expenses we foresee, and now we are in the middle of making it happen.

One of the new rules is the idea of a “Standing Nomination”. What the law has done is significantly shorten the amount of time available for getting a candidate nominated during the writ period, the 29 days of the actual election campaign. On the other hand, the law now allows you to register your nomination early. Instead of doing everything you previously had to do during the writ period, you now can do it all in advance of the writ period. So that is what we are doing.

Our first step was to identify seven “pathfinders” and have them go through the Standing Nomination process. We did this so we could become well acquainted with the process and then do it as efficiently as possible for the remaining candidates. We have had success and have moved on to the next step.

Now we are working on assigning a candidate to every one of the 122 ridings, and going through the process to have each candidate designated as a Standing Nomination by following the process. We are making good progress. We are not done, and you can help.

  1. If you are already assigned a riding, please complete the paperwork. If you need help just ask. Members that live close by, or our Nomination Support Team will help.
  2. If you are not assigned a riding, but you are willing to be a candidate, even only to have your name on the ballot in one of the 122 ridings, even in a riding perhaps a long way from where you live – please step up and get your name assigned to a riding. Any remaining riding where there is no prospective candidate is yours for the taking. First come, first served.
  3. If you are in a riding that is not yet assigned, but you have indicated you are willing, and two or more members are also willing, please work it out. The best thing you can do to help is by doing point 2) above – offer to fill another riding where nobody is assigned and where no other option exists. That may kill two birds with one stone, by filling a riding that needs a candidate, and possibly by making the riding where you live have only one prospective candidate.
  4. I could ask you to make a donation, but truthfully, while that might help AFTER we have 122 candidates, it won’t help before. We have saved all the money we need to make this happen. We don’t need money from our members right now for this project. We need commitment from our members to be a candidate.

Have a look at the Nomination Dashboard to see the progress: https://libertarian.on.ca/utilities/nominations/nomination-dashboard.php

We REALLY need you and 121 other members like you to be assigned to a riding and to complete the process to become a Standing Nomination.

Some people think being a candidate is hard. At the very minimum, it takes you a few minutes to sign your name on a couple of forms. That’s it! If you are willing and able you can do more. It takes 3 or 4 hours to collect the signatures needed. If you are willing you can do more still. You can attend an all candidates meeting if you are invited, and answer how we would address the problems the province faces. If you are willing you can do still more by putting up some signs and handing out some flyers. But, and this is an important but, we do not require or even expect everyone to be an active candidate. If you can, great – do it! But if you can’t, but you can do the minimum required and sign a few forms and get your name and the Party name on the ballot in a riding, then do it! That will help us tremendously to achieve our full slate objective.

So that is it!

Our goal is to have all 122 ridings assigned before the date of the Convention on November 4, 2017. Imagine how great it would be if we can announce our full slate in November, and our special invited guest to our Convention, Anthony Furey, a national columnist for the Sun Media chain of newspapers, can cover it when he gives us a mention in one of his upcoming articles.