Education: Smarter & Inspiring

Current Situation

In today's economy a great education is essential. However, past governments have created a system where teachers have no incentive to improve student outcomes and costs are rising too fast. A powerful inter-locking monopoly of government officials, school boards, and teachers’ unions has more control over children’s education than do the parents. Today's Ontario Ministry of Education is producing mediocre results at unsustainable costs, with no accountability to you and your children.


Ontario Libertarians believe education is the responsibility of the parents and the families of children. Parents should be free to choose the school or program that they believe best suits the needs of their children, at the most effective price. Libertarians would eliminate the government-mandated monopolies involved in education. To make education more affordable and effective, competition and innovation must be introduced, which will allow a choice-based system to flourish.

Our Plan

Short Term Focus: More Choice

Directed-Tax choice for any school

  • Parents choose school : Dollars follow students

Tax credits for parents that home school children

Liberate Catholic schools

  • Treat all religions equally

Outsource behind-the-scenes educational services

Long Term Focus: Direct Accountability

Liberate all public schools

  • Accept students from any neighbourhood 
  • Eliminate the need for large school boards

Stop bureaucrats from interfering in education

  • More options and innovation in curricula
  • Improved salary system for teachers
  • Better schedules for parents & children

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