2018 Platform - Hydro Rates

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This is probably the greatest problem plaguing Ontario residents and businesses. Surprisingly, it is also the easiest to fix. This is a relatively recent problem, and is the direct result of Government policy. By changing the policy, the situation immediately changes. Hydro rates in Ontario can return to normal and competitive levels in just a year or two.

Our theme for Hydro Rates is "Cut your hydro bill in half".

At present, Ontario customers pay about twice as much for electricity as customers in QC and MB. This is destroying the Ontario economy.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will cut your Hydro bill in half!
Here's how:

  • repeal the Green Energy Act
  • eliminate time of use billing
  • end discriminatory delivery charges crushing rural residents
  • remove all subsidized power from the grid
  • terminate for convenience all subsidized generation contracts
  • transfer off the Hydro books all termination costs including past gas plant termination costs. Hydro customers will not be made to pay for the Government boondoggles.
  • terminate all Liberal Government appointees from all boards and electricity related entities

That is how we will cut our bills in half!