Allan Dettweiler

Recruitment Status: 

My name is Allan Dettweiler.

I have resided in Waterloo County/Region for all but 5 years of my life at which time I lived in Huron County. I am currently residing in Galt-Cambridge. During my life I have lived in Preston-Cambridge, Waterloo Twp., Woolwich Twp., and in Kitchener.  I can assure you I am concerned  about the well being of all who live in Waterloo Region, Ontario and Canada.

My life partner is Patricia (Pat) Fretwell, who owns the Kitchener City Hall Wedding Chapels. I have 4 grown children, 3 sons and 1 daughter. By the end of May/beginning of June, I will be a first time grandfather.

I operate a genealogical website of some 215,000 names. This website contains  Mennonite, Amish and Brethren-in Christ families beginning with the earliest families in Waterloo County and beyond. To earn a living, I work as a Courier. 

I have been a candidate at both the federal and provincial level during the time I resided in Huron County, and more recently in the 2011 Provincial Election in the Cambridge-North Dumfries riding. I am running as the Libertarian Candidate because I am concerned about the ever-worsening financial crisis we face as Ontarians and Canadians.

I am also alarmed at growing government intrusion into our personal lives. 

Libertarians believe in the principle that we all have a right to live our lives as we alone see fit PROVIDED that in doing so, we don't take away the EQUAL right of others to live in the manner they choose. 

I wish to offer the residents of Cambridge the choice of a political party that is ready to make some tough, but very necessary changes so that in the future we can again live in a province of prosperity and opportunity for the maximum number of individuals possible.

To do this, Libertarians believe we need to limit the size of government.

I am asking the electorate in Cambridge to consider a candidate who knows we cannot continue on as we have. If the voters of Cambridge choose me as their representative, I am ready to work with a party/parties that are ready to govern in a responsible manner. With the current distribution of seats in the legislature, this may be a unique opportunity to bring about some much needed change.

I ask you to give me your consideration as a candidate. 

We have a very large problem in Ontario.  As many Ontarians become less well off because of ever increasing taxation and rising costs, they have come to rely increasingly on government and social agencies in order to survive. As demand for more government services increases, taxation either has to increase, or deficits rise.

Coupled with a world-wide recession, and more and more countries going broke, Ontarians and Canadians face, I believe, a very dismal future if something is not done differently. In Ontario we need A WHOLE NEW WAY OF DOING THINGS!