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Most of my life I've tried to avoid politics, until I realized that politics was NOT avoiding me, and my family.

I became an active member of both the Libertarian Party of Canada and the Ontario Libertarian Party shortly after I retired from teaching high school Biology and Science in 2007.

In 2008 and again in 2011, I was the candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada in the Markham-Unionville during those general Federal elections.

Why am I running?

My love of liberty and free markets goes back to my high school days in Toronto, when I became interested in the philosophy of Objectivism.

My primary reason for running as a candidate in this and other elections, is to offer an alternative to the mainline parties for you the voter. This way, I can be assured that at least my vote, the votes of my family, and you and your family, are not wasted on the mainline parties. 

If you direct your vote to me, and others do for Libertarian candidates across Ontario, and the number of those votes is significant, then the mainline parties may begin to realize that there is some real dissatisfaction amongst the electorate that they are not able to address with current policies. They may want to rethink their policies, that is my hope in the short term. We do not need to win to change attitudes. In the longer term, the presence of elected Libertarian MPPs in the Ontario Legislature will change both the media and public perception toward the function of government.

The mainline parties, despite their protestations, are virtually identical to one another. They operate without discernable principles except one, to protect their job and assure their re-election. That is their primary purpose and goal. To achieve that, they will compete with one another on just how much of taxpayer’s money or debt will be used to bribe the voters for support.

Don't be fooled. Don’t waste your vote on politicians who suppose that every social ill can be fixed with more spending, more taxation and worse, more debt.

Make your vote count, use it as a weapon to change the status quo.    

In the provincial election of October 2011 I represented the Ontario Libertarian Party in my riding of Markham-Unionville. In November of that year I was elected Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party. I ran again in Markham-Unionville in June 2014, our best showing ever. I also ran for the Ontario Libertarian Party in a by-election in nearby Scarborough Rouge-River, September 2016. We plan to top our 2014 showing in June 2018 with a full slate. 

I have been a "news-junkie" for most of my life, always on the hunt for new information, and new knowledge. My love of liberty and free markets goes back to my high school days in Toronto, when I became interested in the philosophy of Objectivism.

I was born in a British occupied DP camp, the remnants of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany two years after WWII ended. Both my parents were survivors and had lost most of their own family in the war. My father had no one left, except for relatives in Toronto, where I was brought at 11 months of age.

I grew up in Toronto with an appreciation for how governments can destroy lives. Nothing I have done or read since then has persuaded me otherwise.

I was married in 1974 and my wife and I have lived in Unionville since 1975 where we raised our family of two children. Today my son and his wife are also raising a family of two children in Unionville.

Markham-Unionville is a wonderful place to raise a family.

My primary reason for running as a political candidate is to offer an alternative to voters.

The Ontario Libertarian Party is unique and different from any other political party.

One key difference is Libertarians believe that the problems created by governments cannot be fixed with yet more government.

Libertarians advocate limiting the size and scope of government, resulting in lower taxes, and more social and economic freedom.

We think it's time to change the paradigm. One group of voters should not have the power to coerce another group of voters into paying for their pet projects or programs. Government should have clearly defined and limited powers.

Libertarians believe that the provincial government monopolies of medical care, education, electrical generation and transmission and alcohol sales need to be reviewed and revised. Libertarians would open each of these to non-government choices while keeping the government option status quo. 

Monopolies are a disservice to consumers whether they are corporate monopolies or government monopolies. Everyone knows that competition leads to innovation, better service, lower prices, more choices, and we are the party of choice.

Make your vote count; you have a clear choice, more of the same or a unique alternative, a real choice. Vote Libertarian.

Allen Small


  • Lived in Markham-Unionville since 1975
  • Married to a former teacher for the YRDSB
  • Raised a family, two grown children, plus one grandson & one *new* granddaughter
  • Former high school Biology teacher - 35 years, now retired
  • Ran for the Libertarian Party of Canada in the 2008 and 2011 Federal Elections
  • Ran for the Ontario Libertarian Party Oct. 2011, June 2014, Sept. 2016
  • Became Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party Nov. 2011
  • Avid political blogger at these sites, though lately I've been too busy as Leader:

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