Bond Keevil

Recruitment Status: 
Standing Nomination

My name is Bond Keevil and I have been nominated to be the Ontario Libertarian Party candidate for the Nipissing district.  I will be running in this election because I want to help you recover your personal and economic freedoms and encourage serious reductions in the scope of government.

The five most important election issues to me are:

  1. Ontario's record breaking $312 billion debt.  Ontario is the world's most indebted sub-sovereign borrower. We need to make a serious effort to reduce government spending and government services.
  2. Ontario has some of the highest electricity prices in North America.  We need to end all forms of energy subsidies and leave energy production and distribution to the free market.
  3. A $15/hr minimum wage will be economically devastating to the north and destroy jobs.  We need to repeal minimum wage laws to ensure everyone who needs a job can find one.
  4. Reign in the nanny state and restore personal responsibility.  The government has no business regulating the production, distribution and sale of any product or service.
  5. Ontario continues to have the highest policing costs per capita of all the provinces. We need to reduce the scope of what the police are doing and refocus them on solving property crimes and violent crimes.

If you elect me as your representative at Queens Park, I pledge to vote consistently with the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles on all matters. 

What is Libertarianism?

Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal because we believe that individuals need economic and social freedom in order to flourish.  The Ontario Libertarian Party offers a clearly defined political philosophy that is derived from these ethical principles:

  • Voluntaryism: that all relations between people ought to be by their mutual consent or not at all.
  • Non-aggression: that all initiation of the use of physical force, coercion and fraud is illegitimate.
  • Self Ownership: that every person has the full and exclusive right of control over themselves and owes nothing to anyone else that they have not contracted to supply.

Sometimes it is individuals who violate these principles but more often it is people working for government who commit the most serious violations.  This is due to erroneous beliefs that people who are employed by government should have special powers to violate people in unethical ways.  Libertarians believe that this state coercion needs to be curtailed and strictly limited to only those areas where it can be ethically justified.  For many of us, this means a society with a minimal government.

My Background

I was formally educated in Computer Science and Small Business Administration and attended the University of Waterloo for a year and a half and the British Columbia Institute of Technology for 2 years but left to start a small business before I obtained my diploma.  I grew up in Vancouver, and while living there in the 1990s I started West Coast Internet Express Corp., an Internet Service Provider.  After moving to North Bay in 2006 I updated my IT certifications and started an IT service business called Prognosti Computer Services Ltd.  I am currently living in Callander and am financially independent. 

Why am I Running?

Our goal as a political party is to develop enough support to run a full slate of candidates. I am running in this election to:

  1. Offer non-coercive, socially tolerant, and economically sensible policies to the problems facing our riding
  2. Introduce people to the philosophy of libertarianism and how it can benefit them
  3. Build a sustainable membership base for future libertarian candidates

This will be the second provincial election in a row where we have been able to field a candidate in the Nipissing district and I hope we can continue this trend.