Chris Swift

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Standing Nomination

My name is Chris Swift, your candidate for the Ontario Libertarian Party in Oxford. I reside in Woodstock with my spouse and two children. I am a full-time parent with vast and diverse experiences in the auto manufacturing, retail, service and entertainment industries. I am also currently serving as the Secretary on the Executive Committee for the Ontario Libertarian Party.

Why I am running?

I have long believed a change is needed in the way our governments operate. I believe that the status quo no longer has any interest in serving the people that help to elect them. I want to change that by offering what the people truly deserve. Freedom of choice, individual rights and liberty.

I want to see everyone, individuals and businesses alike, keep more of the money they earn. I want to see more private options to compete with government run entities which presently monopolize and restrict the markets.

I know that this will ultimately drive down costs, create more jobs and strengthen our economy.

I want to see a reduction in costs, wait times and rationing in our healthcare system. I want to see parents have more choice and control when it comes to their children's education. I would also see to a reduction in everyone's hydro bills by eliminating the unfair time of use billing and disproportionate delivery charges to rural residents as well as a repeal of the Green Energy Act.

I fully understand and can relate to the struggles that poorly designed, unfair government policies and restrictions create for everyone, everyday. A vote for me is a vote for individual rights and responsibilities. It is a vote for true alternatives and choice. It is a vote for more prosperity and freedom. Together, we can all explore new possibilities and enjoy a better tomorrow.

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