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I have run in two Provincial, and one Federal elections as a Libertarian – the party that offers more choice, smaller government, and accountability in our leaders.

I have been a resident of Toronto Centre for nearly 20 years. I settled in Cabbagetown 16 years ago. I am a Chef who ran a small food business for a number of years.

During that time, I forged many relationships with the people and businesses in the area. Many of you know me due to our shared desire to run our businesses, exchange our goods, and help one another achieve success.

I know how hard it is to stay afloat in this climate of regulations, taxes, compliances, and red tape. Many believe that business owners are wealthy and can afford to be taxed more and more – and more. I understand how many hours you put in, the hard work you do, how much personal risk you take, and the sacrifices you make to produce products, services and employment for your neighbours. I understand the effort and stamina that is required, as a businessperson – just to make a decent living.

For the past 2 years, I have worked at a law firm whose main objective is to help citizens lower their property taxes – an interesting, eye-opening switch.

The overreach of government, and wasted taxes, has hurt many of us – not only the business community, but also families, singles, the elderly, and the poor. Everyone has felt the rising costs in food, hydro, services, clothing, entertainment and transportation. We have little money left over for savings, retirement, a vacation, and all the other things that make life nice, easier, and more enjoyable. I will work to change this.

Libertarians have a plan – a simple, yet powerful fix:

Non-Governmental Options – particularly, for Health Care and Education

Non-Government Options will allow non-profit and for-profit business models to co- exist with Government services. Citizens will choose the provider that best serves their interests and needs. The same amount of tax dollars will be used to support services like and Health and Education, however, YOU will choose where you want to spend those dollars.

If you choose to use government services, you will pay through taxation - just as you do now. If you choose Non-Government Options, you will not pay taxes for the public services you no longer use. Instead, you will use those tax savings to pay for services offered by the many innovative Non-Government Enterprises that are eagerly waiting to enter these markets.

Naturally, this will lead to more competition in those areas. These new businesses will alleviate, for example, the long wait lines for surgeries and family doctors, and classrooms will be less crowded. As parents, you will be able to choose from a variety of educational providers with the curriculum YOU feel is best for your children.

Further, Non-Government Enterprises will provide new employment opportunities to our youth – as they grow and refine their business models, within the specialities in which they choose to compete.

Our Ministers and politicians will have to stand up to the “sniff test” of profitable businesses – and for once, will be forced to worry about the bottom line.

I am confident this initiative will lead to lower costs, less waste, improved services, and greater prosperity for all citizens of Ontario.

The possibilities are endless. Explore them, and vote Libertarian in this election. We DO NOT need more of the same.

One last note: If you are happy with things the way they are, nothing will change for you – except the explosion of new services, choices, jobs and business opportunities. And a richer Ontario.

Judi Falardeau

CONTACT: chefjudi@gmail.com

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