Nathan Lajeunesse

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Nathan Lajeunesse is a 31 year old ironworker by trade. He has extensive knowledge in North American industry. He has  experience in the automotive, mining, farming, food and energy sectors. Nathan has industrial experience in Ontario and 5 different states. He has witnessed first hand the unnecessary costs and limitations the Ontario government has put on doing business.

Nathan has lived lived in Hespeler for 29 years. He grew up playing Hespeler / Cambridge hockey, baseball, football and rugby. He attended Temple Baptist Christian Academy, Centennial Public School, Hespeler Public School, Jacob Hespeler Public School, and Conestoga College. He has been a volunteer for St. Luke's Place retirement home, the Great Hespeler Reunion and a repeat blood donor. Nathan became politically active in 2014 when his first daughter was born.

Nathan is running because he believes the people of Ontario need political choice. The four major parties all believe they know how to spend your money and how you should live your life better than you do. Nathan believes in less taxes and more freedom.

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Phone: 519-240-6774

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