Andrew Hosie

I am not who I am because I am a Libertarian – I am a Libertarian because of who I am.


I am surrounded by everyone and everything I could ever ask from life.

My wife Zsofia and I got married in Hungary in 2007 and soon after she immigrated from Hungary to Canada.

My firstborn is now a man. Tielor is my rock. He has taught me so much.

I met my oldest daughter Kinga when she was just 2 years old. She was and is so adventurous. I can see her accomplishing anything.

My youngest daughter Mary Jean was named after my Mom. Just like my Mom, she has the most beautiful caring heart one could imagine. Although my Mom never got the chance to meet Mary Jean, I know she would be proud of her.

My father Tom is an intellectual with a witty sense of humour.

My three sisters Kim, Kelly and Leanna have been my teachers as to fair play.

I was born in Port Credit (Mississauga), Ontario in 1964. We moved to Bramalea (Brampton) in 1972. I grew up in the "G" section and later purchased our family home.

I started doing renovations on our family cottage with my father when I was a young boy. I continued throughout my life with this profession as a general contractor.

I developed and promoted the "Equality Car Wash", a free car wash run by individuals from many different backgrounds and experiences.

Later I purchased a 10-acre "farm" with the intention of creating a place where people of different walks of life could come to work together to expand their minds, bodies and souls.

Why I became involved in politics:

In the spring of 2015 our family started a 2-acre organic garden project to assist local seniors and others in need. The project would consist of passive-solar thermal-mass greenhouses able to produce good organic vegetables all year long.

Although our local government gave us permission to go ahead with the project, we were served with a notice to remove from our property all the items needed to build it. Our local crown attorney took me to court for the next year. Our local government then took us to the Superior Court of Ontario. We ended up winning on pretty much everything although the toll on our family was high.

Through the Freedom of Information Act and other research we discovered that there was a connection between the people that came after us. Our local government, the Conservation Authority and our neighbours were all connected through family, government and business.

I found out the hard way that we are not as free as I had thought all my life growing up in Ontario, Canada. We don’t control our own government but they control us. The more research I did the more it was clear to me that the government we elect does not have our best interests in mind.

This is why I joined the Libertarian Party. I am passionate about civil rights and property rights.

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