Andrew Allison

All people, being owners of themselves, and thus having ultimate claim upon their own lives, are endowed by nature with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and estate.  In defense of these rights, man has instituted government amongst itself.  When government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the duty of all people to alter or abolish it.

I am Andrew Allison, a student and activist for liberty.

I am running for MPP of Waterloo to protect individuals from the overreaches of government that have become the staples of policy of the demagoguing political leaders of Ontario.  Other parties continue to promise that government, not free individuals, solve the problems of Ontarians while they have repeatedly caused injury rather than relief.  The Ontario Libertarian Party, however, believes that when left to our own devices, held only to the duty to respect others’ rights, Ontarians will achieve outcomes which are much more favourable than any government agency could produce.  When government meddles in affairs beyond its legitimate purpose, Ontarians are victimized by its mismanagement and bureaucracy.

Below are select areas in which the provincial government affects the lives of Ontarians.

On Debt

The Government of Ontario has continued to take on debt in order to pay for its seemingly endless list of programs, entitlements, corporate grants, and the like.  Of the provincial budget, over 8% is dedicated strictly to paying interest on debt which the state has already accumulated.  I will not stand idly by while we burden future generations with our own poor spending habits.  When I am long gone and forgotten, I should pray that my grandchild not pay for the sins of their father or his father before him.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will balance the provincial budget immediately and we will create a debt repayment plan that will span 30 years.  In this way, future Ontarians will not see the same burden of debt which our generation has unjustly had to bear.  Now is the time to act with responsible spending and active debt repayment while maintaining a balanced budget.

On Taxes

All people possessing property that has been justly acquired have a right to its defense.  In the perversion of justice, which we have been given by statesmen of centuries ago, the theft of this property by the state has been written into law and as such, no person can, today, feel secure in their possessions.  No matter how altruistic the intended use of the property which has been looted is, no matter the legitimacy of the legislators who use force to acquire this property, taxation remains an injustice to the individual, who, through their own labour and mutually agreed upon contracts, has justly acquired that which is proper to them.

Upon election, we will eliminate the Corporate Income Tax.  This proper limitation to the extent of government intervention will allow more jobs to be created and be one step towards Ontario becoming the economic super-power that it has the potential to be.

On Property

The use of justly acquired property should be decided entirely by the property owner barring uses which infringe upon the rights of others.  It is not the duty of the paternalistic state to decide how an individual will use their own property.

In office, the Ontario Libertarian Party will not allow government agencies to have jurisdiction over privately owned property.  Business owners will have the freedom, should they choose, to allow patrons to smoke in their bar or restaurant.  Homeowners will have the freedom, should they choose, to build off-grid solar installations without restriction.  These decisions should be left in the hands of property owners, not the politicians in Queen’s Park.

Thank You

It is my great privilege to represent the Ontario Libertarian Party in their pursuit of liberty for all Ontarians.  Thank you for hearing our message.  I will continue to fight for the rights of life, liberty, and estate, which, regardless of their legal status, are natural and innate to all people.