Please Make A Monthly Donation To Help The Party

Please Make A Donation To Help The Party

Tip: To be a monthly donor, just check off "I want to donate this amount every month" on the form below!


If you want to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom, helping the Party with funds is an easy and effective way!


Please Note:

  • Please use Upper and Lower Case letters when you complete the on-line form - so we can mail you information correctly addressed.
  • Donations to political parties in Ontario qualify for refundable tax credits up to 75% on the first $399 donated per year. For more details on the refundable tax credits, please see the Ontario Ministry of Finance page.  
  • The Party must report to Elections Ontario the name, address and  contributions of individuals who contribute more than $100 during the year.  Elections Ontario will make this information public. The current maximum cumulative donation per year per person is $9,975. The Party will not share your information with any other organization. 
  • If you are not a resident of Ontario you may not make a donation to the Party.  You may become a member and pay $10 for a one year membership.
  • "Libertarian Savings Plan". Make a smaller donation each month, and then at tax time you will get a big tax rebate! We recommend $35 per month. Make sure to also check the box that says "I want to donate this amount every month."


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