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As a courtesy to the visitors to our site, we provide hypertext links to some related, or simply informative sites.  Please understand the Ontario Libertarian Party does not control the information on any of these pages and the pages that are linked indirectly. We do not even always agree with content and in some cases we absolutely reject the validity of some of the content, but on balance other information available there was deemed worth the risk of bringing the site to your attention.

In the libertarian tradition we trust you to take in the facts and let the opinions be yours, but if there is something you feel is not appropriate please bring it to our attention and if it is deemed unreasonable for us to be associated we will break the link.


www.libertarianism.com is "your one-stop, quick and clear introduction to the ideas of liberty and the libertarian movement." You will find a number of definitions and links to many libertarian web sites. 


The article, What We Believe from The Foundation for Economic Freedom, represents the beliefs and strategy of the Libertarian Party.


 First, some Canadian Web Sites

  • The Libertarian Party of CanadaB.C. Libertarian Party, and the West Coast Libertarian, are web sites of politically active Canadian organizations.
  • The Bright Libertarian is a blog maintained by Party member, Allen Small.
  • Paolo Fabrizio, a member of our executive, maintains a blog about his libertarian activities in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Canadian Liberty is maintained by Alan Mercer, Past President of the Libertarian Party of Canada, former Recording Secretary for the Ontario Libertarian Party, and perennial candidate in Scarborough-Rouge River. 
  • Visit discussion groups on: Canadian politics, (with several highly libertarian posters), or International Libertarian issues.
  • Karen Selick was a founding member of the Ontario Libertarian Party and is Litigation Director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, "freedom's defence team". Her web site contains the full text of most of her past columns and articles, as well as transcripts of several speeches and presentations.
  • The Institute for Liberal Studies is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting discussions of economics, philosophy, history and public policy in Canada. It runs the Liberty Summer Seminar weekend 70 Km north-east of Toronto, and seminars at various Ontario universities.
  • The Canadian Constitution Foundation's motto is "Protecting the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through education, communication and litigation."
  • Subversive Liberty is Pierre Lemieux's site on International Public Policy Analyses.  To quote the National Post, "One of the best politics-themed Canadian Web sites is run by Pierre Lemieux, a libertarian economist, author and teacher based in Quebec. He has a witty, take-no-prisoners style of attacking those people and institutions he believes are trying to reduce his freedom to do as he pleases." 
  • Gerry Nicholls declares himself "one of the top five political minds in the country".  Formerly, the vice president of the National Citizens Coalition, Gerry is now a Senior Fellow with the Democracy Institute.  His op-eds dealing with economic and political issues have appeared in the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and the Toronto Star. Gerry is a frequent speaker at Libertarian events.  He maintains a blog and a web site
  • The National Citizens Coalition fights for various causes, most effectively against election gag laws.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the president of the NCC before becoming leader of the Reform Party and eventually Prime Minister. As a result, the NCC tends to have difficulty being critical of his "compromises."
  • The notion that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote has lost many a vote to the libertarian party - Fair Vote Canada believes proportional representation would help reduce that problem. However, it usually leads to coalitions and even bigger governemnt.
  • Probe International, while not specifically libertarain, "exposes the devastating environmental, social, and economic effects of Canada's aid and trade abroad." They "work for environmental sustainability by promoting property rights (private or communal), markets, the rule of law, the right to know, accountability through liability, cost and risk internalization, economic efficiency, competition, consumer choice, and an informed public."
  • Property rights of course are no longer protected in Canada - but you do still have some protection. Check out Canadian Property Rights Coalition There are some increasingly active rural organizations now so pushed to the brink by the steady erosion of property rights they are taking it to the back roads of Ontario.
  • Section7b.ca is a libertarian micro-blog (named after Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) with links to current news stories.  It is concerned with government efficiency, taxation and individual liberty.
  • There is a Facebook Group for the Libertarian Party of Manitoba.
  • LIbertarian Strategies: Theories, Practices and Visions



Now some American and International Web Sites

National Center for Constitutional Studies provides a number of video lessons on the principles of liberty.