Party Officers

The Executive Committee of the Ontario Libertarian Party manages and controls the affairs, properties and funds of the Party. The following are the members of the Executive Committee and Ethics Committee Elected by the members at the Convention on November 2, 2019.

Past Leader (interim) – Rob Ferguson

Leader – Keith Komar

Deputy Leader – Mark Snow

Chairman – Matt Dougherty

Vice-Chairman – Serge Korovitsyn

Secretary – Brad Greulich

Recording Secretary – Bond Keevil

Treasurer – Andrew Allison

Campaign Director – Coreen Corcoran

Member at Large – Ken Lewis, Dan Little

Ethics Committee – Jean-Serge Brisson, Chairman (2015), Wendy Kadonoff (2016), Allen Small (2018), Paul Herriot, Peter d'Entremont, Mark Wresniewski (2019)

Non-elected appoinments:

Bulletin Editor - Coreen Corcoran

Webmaster – Bond Keevil

See Executive Committee Responsibilities for a description of the responsibilities of the above positions.

Conventions are normally held every three years to elect the Leader, Deputy Leader, Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Campaign Director for a three-year term. All of these positions except Leader and Deputy Leader may be replaced by election at a General Meeting. Members-at-Large are elected for a one-year term at a Convention or Annual General Meeting. The next Convention is scheduled for Saturday November 2, 2019.

The Ethics Committee consists of six members. The four members of the immediately preceding Committee with the shortest length of service willing to serve on the Committee for the coming term shall be appointed to the Committee. All remaining positions on the Committee shall be filled by a majority vote of the registered delegates on the floor at an Annual General Meeting or Convention. (The date behind the names of the members above indicates the year they were most recently elected to the Ethics Committee.)