Freedom After the Lockdown

Ants lifting large rock. Atlas shrugged parody

2022 has been a crazy year for all of us. Although we have been under a stay at home order, the Ontario Libertarian Party has made some important gains in the air of public opinion. I have personally been out in the streets to help others stand against the lockdowns at protests in both Toronto and Belleville and the party has hosted them similar events in both Ottawa and Waterloo as well.

Our party is gaining traction and I couldn’t be more pleased to see us grow. We have many new people taking interest from all sides of the political spectrum uniting under the banner of liberty we have so proudly held since the Ontario Libertarian Party was founded 45 years ago. 

We have always been ahead of the curve on issues both social and economic, and once again we have been in front of the issue of the egregious over reach of the Progressive Conservatives during Covid-19. As Lew Rockwell says, we must never tire of saying  "I told you so".

When I was elected leader of the party back in November, I started that hard work and boots on the ground will make us relevant. We are seeing that hard work start to pay off. I will continue to work to grow our party and unite the province under a banner of freedom and responsibility. As we move toward the next election I want to remind all of us that our freedoms didn’t disappear overnight. They have been chipped away slowly over decades. They won’t come back overnight either. They will come back to us the same way they left us. Piece by piece. So let’s stay vigilant and work towards a common goal of putting Ontario on a solid path that will ease us back to liberty.