What Does "Living" Mean?


With everything that is going on right now I want to examine this question. I feel that until we understand the answer to this, we cannot make a proper assessment of what is happening around us right now.

Living is not merely taking in oxygen and food. It is not simply existing. Living is that trip to Panama you took with your significant other. Living is watching your child take their first steps or sing in the school choir for the 1st time. Living is taking in a sunrise or a sunset over the ocean horizon. Living is exploring the mountain caves behind your favorite waterfall. LIVING is the taking in of the world around you, with all its wonder and glory. There is no monetary value you can put on this, nor is there anything you can do to replace these experiences.

We have but a short time on this planet to "LIVE" and you never know when it is your time to leave this world. For the last year we have not been living. We have been existing. We have shut down our lives in fear of dying and I would say to this, to what purpose have we done this? What is the point of being here if we are to just exist, without taking in this wonderful world in all its glory and wonder?

For me, there is no point in simply existing. To simply just work, eat and sleep is not enough for me. I want to enjoy the world. I want to take my daughter to the waterfalls. I want to play hockey with my friends. I want to experience joy and hurt. I want to soak up every drop of my time on this planet because I know that sooner than later my time will be over and I will fade off into dust.

I am not content to shelter in place waiting for the boogeyman to go away. I am not content to be spoon fed by our government in the air of safety. I am not content to just breathe. I want to LIVE. I NEED to live.

This latest round of edicts from our benevolent leaders shows you how little regard for living they actually have. Not for THEM, but for YOU. THEY will continue to live their lives without impunity. They have already shown us that they will not stand under these edicts. So why then should we? I have yet to see any empirical evidence to show that any of these measures will stop or even slow this virus down and be damned if I am going to waste any more time just existing to satisfy someone's moral authority over me.

I CHOOSE to live.