First opportunity to form a government:

Press Release

- M E D I A   R E L E A S E -


For the first time ever the Ontario Libertarian Party is in a position to form a majority government. On June 13, 2014 only 5 people in Ontario could lead a majority government, including Libertarian Party Leader, Allen Small. No matter what the result, the Ontario Libertarian Party has surpassed another milestone as support for the party grows.

In an email message to members of the party across Ontario, Allen Small said: "I’m pleased to report our final tally of Libertarian Candidates nominated and on the ballot for the 2014 Provincial General Election: **74**”

“This is a fantastic accomplishment considering our Party size and also the fact our entire provincial campaign budget is roughly the same as one third of a single typical local riding budget for one of the big 3 parties in Ontario.”

“In 2007, the party ran 25 candidates, in 2011, it was 51 - and now in 2014 we are running 74. This represents a 45% increase in candidates compared to 2011. More importantly, we have people in every region of the province, from Thunder Bay to North Bay, to Cornwall, to Windsor down to Niagara Falls. We have covered the map! Our new members and the influx of donations is very heart-warming for me and the entire team.”


The Libertarian Party is unique and different from the other political parties. 


One key difference is Libertarians believe the problems created by governments cannot be solved with yet more government. 

Libertarians would limit the size and scope of government, resulting in lower taxes, and more social and economic freedom.

It’s time to change the paradigm. One group of voters should not have the power to coerce another group of voters into paying for their pet projects or programs. Government should have clearly defined and limited powers.

Libertarians believe that the provincial government monopolies of medical care, education, electrical generation and transmission and alcohol sales need to be reviewed and revised. Libertarians would open each of these to competition.

Monopolies are a disservice to citizens whether they are corporate monopolies or government monopolies. Everyone knows that competition leads to innovation, better service, lower prices, and more choices. The Libertarian Party is the party of choice.

The Ontario Libertarian Party has been a registered political party since 1975. We advocate free markets, property rights, limited government, voluntary interactions and personal responsibility. Contact:


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