Protection in numbers

  • Posted on: 24 August 2014
  • By: Darcy Neal Donnelly

People seek peace, privacy, property and prosperity by freely associating into communities for protection in numbers. Governments are created by people to provide protection from criminals who agress against people, peace, privacy, property and prosperity. Poltical parties are created by people to provide protection from government coruption. The Libertarian Party seeks willing voting party members to achieve greater protection in numbers against government coruption. Every now and then, I review the Ontario Libertarian Party's Vision, Misson, Values and Principles to see if I still agree and remain associated as a voting party member. I do.


We stand for personal responsibility, individual liberty, and controls and restrictions on governments. 
We recognize property rights. 
We stand for free and voluntary associations and for freedom of expression. 
Governments must be limited to protecting the liberty and property of their citizens from domestic and foreign aggressors. 
We believe in voluntary, not forced, mutual aid. 
Government may not grant monopoly privileges to any individual or organization, including itself.

We accept people as they are.


We accept new Ontario Libertarian Party members, especially voting members. I encourage individuals to help us achieve protection in numbers of our rights and freedoms by voluntary associating as a voting party member.