Ontario Libertarian Party Reports Jump in New Membership and Social Media Traffic

Media Release, May 23, 2016

The Ontario Libertarian Party recorded the fifth highest number of votes received and ridings contested in the 2014 Ontario General Election.

In March, April, and continuing into May 2016, the party has seen a noticeable spike in new membership and social media traffic. According to Leader Allen Small, “Normal traffic on our social media posts runs around 1,000 views. But a recent post relating to the May 1, 2016 electricity price hike had well over 60,000 views, an all-time record for us.” Commenting on membership increases, Allen says “We have really noticed a jump in new members in the days and weeks that followed Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown’s Convention speech on March 6, 2016, where he announced his party’s support for carbon pricing. We think the membership increase is a direct result of the real suffering being felt in all parts of Ontario, and in particular rural areas, where relentless electricity price increases are forcing people to make completely unexpected changes in life style, with no appreciable improvement in benefits or service. When compared with Quebec to the east and Manitoba to the west, Ontario is paying sky-high electricity prices that just keep increasing, seemingly without any let up.”

In South-western Ontario, newly minted member Matt Radford organized a “Rally for Recall” at Queen’s Park on May 9, 2016. Matt explains, “I was really disappointed when MPP Randy Hillier’s Recall Bill didn’t receive much support in the Legislature. We need Recall as an ultimate check on out-of-control government”.

In Eastern Ontario, there have been many new members that have drifted away from the Ontario PC Party. Recent new member, Joel Gogolin says, “While I might have wanted to support the Ontario PC Party, I now feel politically homeless since the PC’s shifted to more closely mirror the policies of the Liberals and NDP. The recent carbon pricing policy announcement of the Ontario PC Party was the last straw for me. The Ontario Libertarian Party seems to be the largest and best choice for me now, in my pursuit of changes from the status quo. I want to work with others who are committed to stop the ever increasing size, scope, and debt of the Provincial government.”

The Ontario Libertarian Party has been a registered political party since 1975. We advocate individual liberty through free markets, property rights, and limited government.
Contact: info@libertarian.on.ca