Leader’s Report to Convention 2017

By Allen Small, Leader

At the Convention on Nov. 4, 2017, I told the assembled that no matter what happens, that would be the last time I stood before an AGM or Convention as the Party Leader. I explained that I was standing for the leadership that day for the sake of continuity and because I had one more thing to check off on my bucket list, a full slate.

The achievement of a full slate is a signal to the media and the organizations that invite candidates to meetings during the writ period, that we are potentially serious contenders. We are often denied attendance at all-candidates meetings, while the Greens are invited simply because they have achieved full slate status. Don’t forget, media covers these meetings. If we’re not there in the debate our message has no chance of being reported. A full slate, or close to it, will allow our people to argue that we deserve the privilege of being in those debates, presenting a Libertarian option.

Party leader has been my full time job since late 2011, but I intend to resign sometime after the Ontario general election. If the Ontario election in June results in a minority government, then another general election may happen as early as 2020. The next Libertarian leader needs to be ready and FULL TIME if we hope to grow the party from here. That full time volunteer effort has made a big difference to the party.

There have been three people doing most of this party’s work every day since 2014. The reason so much was achieved is because we were each working at it pretty much full time. We have been punching well above our weight and it appears MORE people were involved doing the work of the party, but if you pulled back the curtain, it was just Jim McIntosh, Rob Brooks and me.

To capitalize and justify that effort we still need people to become candidates, and have those people that have already offered to be candidates follow through and get themselves nominated soon. This is vitally important to the future of the party. The political scene in Ontario has become more fragmented. There are now 20 registered parties. The competition is going to be tough and we have the opportunity to headline a potential news story.

The story will not be that there is a party that advocates limited government, free markets, lower taxes and competition with government monopolies. No. The story could be that we have achieved a full slate. The story will be that Libertarians across the province have the courage to stand up, put their names on ballots and say ENOUGH! That could be the story! I cannot overstate the importance of this. We would be the fifth party in recent history to achieve full slate status in Ontario. Short of giving the party a huge monetary donation, becoming a nominated candidate is the most important thing people can do for the party right now.

If you live in or near one of ridings with no prospective candidate, please volunteer for one, even if it’s far from you. We can get the signatures for you. We need to get that full slate of 124 candidates. That will be historic, and you could be part of it. Now is the time to step forward and help!

Check out our online dashboard to see what ridings are still available: https://libertarian.on.ca/utilities/nominations/nomination-dashboard.php