Our position on the Cap & Trade carbon Tax and carbon taxes in general

Press Release

Our position on the Cap & Trade carbon Tax and carbon taxes in general:

It should not be surprising that the Ontario Libertarian Party is opposed to Carbon pricing or taxes. In general, taxes are anathema to Libertarians. However, for practical purposes, our 2018 Platform stipulates that taxes for services provided by the Ontario government would continue, but that taxpayers should be able to choose how their taxes are directed. For example, each taxpayer would have the Healthcare portion of their taxes allocated to their families’ healthcare needs and supplemented if necessary, similarly an Education amount apportioned for their children, and in general things like gasoline taxes would go for roads and transportation and so on. At the very least for taxes that have been levied, legislation should be revisited and revised to be easily discernible as a benefit to individual taxpayers and their families.

What about Ontario’s Cap & Trade Carbon tax, what benefits or services does it provide? 
Ostensibly this tax is imposed to discourage the use of fossil fuels, based on the assumption that carbon dioxide emissions from the use of these fuels is the primary reason for the planet- wide catastrophic anthropogenic climate change that many believe is happening. We are skeptical that this is a serious threat, and equally skeptical that this tax would have any impact on mitigating climate change even if the belief was true.

We are not going to argue the science behind climate change, and despite what many think, we believe that skepticism on this issue is a valid position to take without being subjected to ad hominem attacks and derision from believers. Our position is from an economic perspective namely: Are the costs imposed to try and mitigate climate change worthy of the benefits to taxpayers? We contend that they are not. In addition, the attempt to reach the unachievable targets set by the government will cause genuine harm to the living standards of individuals and result in excessive and unnecessary damage to the economy of Ontario and Canada.       

In summary we contend that existing and proposed forms of Carbon pricing have not met the burden of proof required to show that they have any impact on climate change. Rather, they represent windfall revenue for politicians playing on the guilt of Canadian voters. At the same time, there is plenty of evidence that these taxes will make life more unaffordable for Ontarians. To support our position we offer the brief linked here: http://bit.ly/2q4Xxbn

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