Allen Small Resigns as Leader

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On July 16. 2018, Allen Small submitted his letter of resignation to the members of the Executive Committe by email.  The following is the content of his letter.  

To the membership and Executive Committee of the Ontario Libertarian Party:
Letter of Resignation

At the last Party Convention in November of 2017, I stated that I would be resigning before the next AGM even though I was re-elected to a three-year term. I had planned to resign at the end of this summer, but as a result of a recent health issue I will resign effective July 20, 2018. I’m leaving the Party, more organized, better prepared, more active, with a wider audience and a higher profile than ever before.

When I took on the job of Leader almost 7 years ago, I promised to achieve a few things. One was a full slate (close enough for me) another was to raise the profile of the Party through a strong social media presence. Yet another was my full time devotion and involvement to the job of Leader. I’ve done all of that to the best of my ability, but not without the help and support of a small number of people for whom I am eternally grateful. It’s important to remember that the entire Executive Committee, and virtually all those of us that help within the Party are volunteers, and volunteers need to be supported. I would like to continue to be an active volunteer, but I’ve done all that I want to do, and its time for a new Leader.

The motto of the USLP is “The Party of Principle.” Our motto is “The Party of Choice,” but we also operate in a principled way. Our Party has a Statement of Principles; it is what attracted me to join in the first place. I sincerely hope it is not altered. The ideas it presents are what defines us and differentiates us from all the other parties in Ontario. We are THE PARTY of ideas, and not the party of panderers that the rest represent. I hope we continue in a principled gradualist approach to the creation of Party Platforms using the Overton Window as a model for policy change.

Leadership will be transferred to the Deputy Leader Rob Ferguson, and a new Leader will be chosen according to the Constitution next spring.

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