Fall 2018, Vol. 38 No. 3

The Annual General Meeting will be Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. We will be electing Executive Committee. Register early for $25 - which includes a delicious lunch. Space is limited.

"Changes at the Party," written by Gene Balfour, describes some of the recent changes to the Exec. He outlined the new electronic voting method that was used to elect our new Deputy Leader. Gene also suggested some ways in which to recruit new and talented members to our pool, so that we can grow and be enriched, so as to look toward a strong future.

Rob Brooks' "Changes at the Party," presents us with a question: Do we want to make changes where we can in society? Or do we want to talk, debate and blow hot air to no avail? He suggests that to become "credible," we must use some of the systems that other parties have used, incluing creating a Full-Slate. 

Jim McIntoshs' "Reflections on the Ontario 42nd General Election," states our "Full Slate" objective was a huge effort that had its advantages and downfalls. He describes the hundreds of man-hours that were put to use in this ever-so-nearly successful endeavor, and proposes some ideas that we might try next time. Jim also included the Campaign Expenses Chart.

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