Individual Purpose

  • Posted on: 18 November 2018
  • By: Darcy Neal Donnelly

According to the Party's Contitution:

Article 3 - PURPOSE

The purpose of the Party is to modify the political structure and social environment of Ontario to provide the greatest amount of freedom for individuals. To that end the Party shall: 
a) engage in political activity such as the formation of constituency associations and the election of Party candidates to the Legislature; 
b) disseminate information about the Libertarian philosophy; 
c) support groups and individuals that are in agreement with Libertarian philosophy; 
d) co-operate with any group where Libertarian philosophy can be promoted without compromising principles.

This leads me to question my own Individual Purpose as an Ontario Libertarian Party Member. What is my purpose within this political party? To achieve results on behalf of the Party based upon my own expectations and efforts. Have I created awareness? Yes. Have I invited membership association? Yes. Have I actively campaigned as an official candidate in elections? Yes. Have I performed official party affairs? Yes. Can I do more? Yes.