A Response to Doug Ford’s Reopen Plan - By Keith Komar

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Doug Ford has unveiled Ontario Conservative’s plan to reopen the province. I would love to offer perspective but there is no substance to it. The 3 stage plan to reopen our economy is at best vague, and speaks to the lack of leadership and courage it takes to make tough decisions in uncertain times that may be unpopular, but are the right thing to do.

As the data comes in from those working at ground zero, we are starting to see that this virus has already spread through the major centres. The lockdown has been an apparent failure in the efforts to protect our most vulnerable. The CBC reports, “Outbreaks in long-term care homes continue to spread, with health authorities now tracking infections in 190 of the province's 626 facilities — nine more than in the previous 24 hours. Some 835 residents have died from the illness — nearly three quarters of all deaths in Ontario — while 2,352 more have been infected, 264 more than yesterday. The ministry also reported 1,430 staff members in long-term care facilities have tested positive, an increase of 322 since the last update. “

Data on the collateral damage that this is causing is starting to come in.The W.H.O. has stated that the worldwide lockdown will add 130 Million people to the brink of starvation. The U.N. put out a report that there will be 15 million domestic violence cases for every month we stay on lockdown. We just received our first report of 35 deaths from heart patients who could’ve been saved but their “elective” surgeries were cancelled. To add to all of this, our supply chain is starting to crumble beneath us. This was a predictable outcome of such egregious measures taken by the Ontario government.

The goal posts have moved in the conversation of Covid-19. When this all started in March, we were trying to “flatten the curve” with respect to the spread of the virus. The new narrative is now to “Stop Covid-19” Those who are even remotely familiar with virology will tell you that there is no stopping this virus from spreading. As the data continues to suggest, in Ontario, we are not even slowing it down. All we have done is reroute the points of transfer to inside the home, as that has now become a hotbed of transmission, where exposure to droplets of the virus are much easier to come into contact with.

The last and most important point I want to make here is this. Are our basic human rights of going outside and enjoying the world we live in and being able to provide food and shelter for our families, so meaningless that we would allow the bureaucrats at Queen’s Park to take them without a whimper, in the false hope of them providing safety for us? The government isn’t supposed to be charged with providing us safety. It is charged with protecting our rights, freedoms and liberty. It has failed us miserably on that and it is now time for us to take them back.