Toronto Pub Night

Next Meetup

Thanks to Ford and all the people who think he knows what's best for us and the economy, we can't have a face-to-face meeting in January. However we can get together for interesting discussions on Zoom.  A big thanks to Reuben Hall for paying the subscription. Check back in January for the link and password. For an email reminder, join us at the Libertarian Party Toronto Meetup.and indicate you plan to attend. 

A possible discussion topic is the Party's strategy for the 2022 Ontario General Election. Should the Party be 'radical' in an attempt to get more voters to become Libertarians (i.e. join the Party) or pragmatic to get more votes? 

Are you considering being a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada in 2021 or the Ontario Libertarian Party in 2022? This is an opportunity to find out what is involved. How much time and effort it will take is mostly up to you. 

For more information email Jim McIntosh or phone him at 416-474-9482.