Toronto Libertarian Pub Night

Next Meetup

Granite Brewery and Restaurant requires proof of your second vaccination and Photo ID with your name on it to dine inside. Otherwise we can sit on their back patio. That's where we will get together since I don't plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine until I see the results of the animal studies. Masks will be required except when you are at your table (e.g. to get in and to leave.) So come for good discussions over dinner and/or drinks.
One item of discussion could be the Convention scheduled for September 19. If you're interested in joining the Party Executive, helping to "control and manage the affairs, properties, and funds of the Party," I will be happy to describe the positions of interest. All 10 positions are open, plus two positions on the Ethics Committee. Visit our Constitution for an overview of the positions and responsibilities. 
We could also discuss plans for the provincial election coming in June. 
Or start a discussion at your table on any topic of interest. 

FREE PARKING under the restaurant. Click on HERE for video.

For more information email Jim McIntosh or phone him at 416-474-9482.