Libertarians believe the people best suited to raising children are their parents. Unfortunately, with taxes so high in Ontario, both parents are forced to work outside the home to keep the family financially secure. This has created a growing need for day care.

As government becomes more involved, the costs of day care continue to escalate. And the services become "centralised" - farther away from where they are needed. Parents are put in the position of organising their lives to suit the "service". And they must give up more of their paycheque for the inconvenience. It should be the other way around.

We believe parents should have the choices they once had when it comes to how their children shall be looked after. This can be done by reducing the need for both parents to work by reducing taxes. The cost of day care can be reduced by restoring a free market which will also put the service closer to those who need it.

Government has forced too many families into the day care trap, limited their choices and increased their costs. Libertarians would restore the freedom of choice for those families needing child care outside the family.

The high levels of government spending and increasing regulation of the industry has driven private operators out of the business. This has caused a reduction in the number of spaces available.