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There are many areas in which the government of Ontario has interfered to the detriment of the citizens of this fine province. The Libertarian Party campaigns on a platform to reduce government involvement in our lives and economy.

Our Statement of Principles declares that the only proper functions of government are national defence (protection from foreign invaders), the police (providing protection from criminals) and the courts settling, according to objective laws, disputes among individuals, where private, voluntary arbitration has failed).  It is based on the premise that the only moral use of force is to protect life, liberty and property.  It only takes a moment to realize that 80% to 95% of government laws go beyond this and involve the threat to use force against citizens who have not initiated the use of force against others.

"But," you might ask, "Who will take care of education (or health care or culture or the roads)?"  But you probably don't ask who would take care of providing shoes.  Unless you lived in the USSR.  There was a time when education, health care and even roads were not provided by the government but by individuals who saw a need and an opportunity to earn a living by satisfying that need.  It was in their interest to provide the best quality goods or services at the best cost in order to keep their customers.  At some point (usually at the prodding of a company that didn't want competition) the government would decide to control delivery of a particular service or good, and would make it a monopoly.  This eliminated the need to provide the best product at the best cost, since 'customers' no longer had a choice.   

Libertarians don’t claim to know how everything will work when government is restricted to using force only to protect life, liberty and property.  But we have confidence that individuals and organizations will figure it out, and that those that provide what people want will succeed while those that don’t will stop wasting time and resources.  What we have tried to do in this platform is explain why government involvement is detrimental. 

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