January 2011

The Party of Choice

The Ontario Libertarian Party is proud to be known as "The Party of Choice." Choice is what we stand for, and promoting choice is why we exist.

Choice, according to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, means both "an act or instance of choosing between alternatives" and "a range from which to choose. To “choose" means to "select from a number of alternatives," "decide," "like," and "prefer."


Electric Energy in Ontario is supplied to customers primarily through government-mandated monopolies. A few years ago we were threatened by or actually experienced rolling brown-outs due to lack of capacity. (What other business asks you to NOT use so much of its product or service?) In 2010 - 2011 we have a surplus which is being sold to energy traders at a discount who then sell it to other jurisdictions at a profit.


A Libertarian government would introduce a system in which owners have full control of their property to the extent that their actions do not infringe on the rights of others.

Pollution and Restorative Justice

Pollution of another person’s property, including their body, is a violation of individual rights. Pollutants refer to substances that are harmful or unwanted from the point of view of the injured party, and can include noise, odours, toxic and non-toxic substances, radiation and litter.

Crime Prevention

While violent crime rates in Canada are unchanged or dropping, sensational media coverage of high profile cases has caused politicians to climb on an anti-crime bandwagon. Many of the changes suggested are outside Ontario's jurisdiction so talk is as far as their suggestions will go.

Libertarians believe that criminals have to take personal responsibility for their actions. Blaming "society", lack of jobs or poverty are convenient excuses that enable the guilty to escape accountability.


When governments decree all will have free medical care, the laws of nature seem to have been abolished. There is at last something for nothing for everyone.

Time passes. Needs keep growing by leaps and bounds. They become difficult to satisfy. Meanwhile, the taxpayers reach their limit of tolerance for demands to hand over ever more of their money to satisfy the wishes of others. No more can be extracted from them. The easy times are over.


Public education has been provided by governments in Ontario for more than 130 years. A long history of government involvement makes it difficult for most to envision an Ontario in which there is no government role whatsoever in providing this important service. Nonetheless, the policy of the Ontario Libertarian Party is to create conditions in which quality education can develop by completely ending all government participation and allowing education to be a matter of individual choice.

Child Care/Day Care

Libertarians believe the people best suited to raising children are their parents. Unfortunately, with taxes so high in Ontario, both parents are forced to work outside the home to keep the family financially secure. This has created a growing need for day care.