Freedom Of Choice

The “Freedom of Choice” Platform, 2022

I believe that Principles Matter when considering how public policies affect Ontario’s citizens, and that Freedom of Choice for every citizen defines a true democracy.

Libertarians have been known for half a century as Champions of Democracy by our unwavering defence of Individual Property Rights and our commitment to Do No Harm to our fellow citizens.

Good principles for public governance transcend political partisanship and rightly belong to every citizen. The following Four Principles for Civil Society have inspired my vision for a unified and prosperous Ontario.


  • INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM – This refers to the Freedoms of Choice for all citizens as laid out in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY refers to the idea that, with Freedom, comes the Responsibility to do no harm to others, just as you expect them to do no harm to you.
  • RESPECT must be mutual. Genuine respect is earned and cannot be coerced by force. If public leaders want respect from our citizens, then they must also demonstrate their respect for us.
  • FAIRNESS in this context refers to the dispensation of justice to be equally applied to everyone under unbiased laws, regulations and their enforcement.

As Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party, I lead with these principles in mind. The platform planks that follow demonstrate my commitment to those ideals.

By supporting us, you too will demonstrate your agreement that these values offer excellent guideposts for a united and prosperous Ontario.