January 2014

Budget: Lower Taxes

Current Situation

Government revenue is necessary to maintain law and order in Ontario, which is a primary function of government. However, past governments have created a system where too many individual responsibilities have been removed. By creating new programs and continuing to fund unnecessary old programs, politicians are competing to buy your vote. Each program requires more taxation or borrowing. As taxes rise, or government borrowing increases, citizens and businesses have less money to make economic choices. It damages the real economy.

Jobs: Secure & Rewarding

Current Situation

Jobs provide income and personal fulfillment. However, past governments have created so much red tape for employers and disincentives for employees that our economy is struggling to provide the ideal jobs for Canadians. Unions with government granted privileges further aggravate the situation, creating barriers to employment and removing choices from citizens.

Healthcare: Faster & Efficient

The Ontario Libertarian Party believes that healthcare should be the responsibility of individuals and their families in consultation with their chosen health care professionals. People in need of medical care should have as many options as possible for diagnostics and treatment. To make medical care more affordable, sustainable, and accessible in Ontario, competition and innovation must be introduced at every level.

Energy: Cheaper & Abundant

Current Situation

Electrical energy is essential to a modern society. In Ontario, electric energy is supplied to customers primarily through government-mandated monopolies. Past governments have built an unsustainable, subsidized, high cost, and inefficient mix of cherry picked solutions for power generation and distribution. As a result, citizens are forced to pay higher prices for power, with no alternative options.

Education: Smarter & Aspiring

Current Situation

In today's economy a great education is essential. However, past governments have created a system where teachers have no incentive to improve student outcomes and costs are rising too fast. A powerful inter-locking monopoly of government officials, school boards, and teachers’ unions has more control over children’s education than do the parents. Today's Ontario Ministry of Education is producing mediocre results at unsustainable costs, with no accountability to you and your children.

The Party of Choice

“Governments grow by removing our responsibilities - not by purposefully removing our freedoms. As governments grow, more tax revenue is required to fund new programs, which means people have less money available for themselves and their families. As a result, we gradually lose our economic and personal freedoms. Libertarians want to restore both to the people of Ontario. In order to do so, people need to decide what are the essential functions of government. Then we need to stop the further growth of government and reverse the process.”