UK to privatize delivery of social services

  • Posted on: 4 March 2011
  • By: Jim McIntosh

Prime Minister David Cameron plans to privatise delivery of most public services other than security forces and the judiciary.  I found out about it in a publication on the Frontier Centre for Public Policy web site.  It says Cameron wants to end the ‘State Monopoly’ in provision of public services.  He starts with a presumption that private companies, voluntary groups or charities are as able to run schools, hospitals and many other council services as the state.  

Fox News caught misrepresenting Ron Paul's win of CPAC 2011 straw poll

  • Posted on: 16 February 2011
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Amazingly, but Fox News did it again.  In its February 15th, 2011 broadcast, just before the interview with Ron Paul, Fox News showed footage of the CPAC straw poll results announcement... from the last year where Congressman Paul was booed by Romney supporters.

Since Paul had a more convincing victory this year (30% vs. Romney's 23%) combined with the increased support by the conference attendees, Fox News just couldn't resist the urge to manipulate its own viewers. See it for yourself:

Magna Carta Presentation by John Robson

  • Posted on: 16 February 2011
  • By: Jim McIntosh

On February 5, 2011 Professor John Robson gave a presentation on the Magna Carta to the Ottawa (Ontario) South Libertarian meeting. He described how it came about and it's application through British Common Law. He explains how Britain (and Canada) have a long tradition of liberty.  Also discussed is the need to reclaim it in Canada as a tool to reduce the size and intrusion of government in our lives.