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Rob Ferguson

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Rob Ferguson is married to his wife Kalena. They reside in the Brantford area where Rob has spent his whole life. Rob is visually impaired, but he has a vision of a better Ontario.

Rob is 43 and owns a business in marketing and advertising and knows the dynamics of business and public relations. Human rights, Freedoms & liberty including family rights are very important to him. Rob is known throughout Ontario and north America as a family advocate and has spent countless hours fighting to help families all around. He is a firm believer in Human rights, freedoms & Liberty.

Rob is formerly the Deputy Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party and served as interim party leader in 2019 after the resignation of Allen Small. He has been a candidate municipally, provincially and federally . Rob has spent years in volunteer work for local festivals and non profit groups. 

Rob also believes that government should be accountable and responsible & not infringe on personal rights, Liberty & property.

Serge Korovitsyn

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I was born in Moscow, Soviet Union and immigrated to Canada in 1991. I settled in Toronto and have been a resident of GTA and Richmond Hill for over 20 years. I have adhered to a vegetarian diet since 2001, promote a healthy lifestyle and care about environment.

Professional occupation

Throughout my life I have been self-employed. Shortly after coming to Toronto I founded and operated a computer company and alongside, consulted for various firms within the IT sector.

At present I am leading a startup company called Energy Cradle. We are focused on the development of a new Intelligent Portable Stackable Battery Management System .

Political views

Personal liberty and freedom and coexistence with nature and common sense were always at the core of my political and life views. I was a member of the Conservative Party of Canada for some time. I supported the Conservatives’ economic agenda, but at some point got into a disagreement with their suppression of personal liberty and freedoms through several laws they introduced in the past. The Libertarian Party fully corresponds to my views being at the center of the spectrum for personal liberty and responsible economy.

The main reasons for my involvement in politics are a direct result of my past. Having been born in a country governed by a communist dictatorship, I saw first hand what collective economy, suppression of personal liberties and forced equality do to people and to a country. Lately I see the grassroots of socialism in Canada and the USA. Our young generation is being poisoned by socialist ideas and it starts from kindergarten where kids learn to share and be equal. In adult life we do not share anything and based on scientific facts we are all born different, contrary to what many politicians like to say. Socialist ideas are flying high in our school system. I think teachers are politicized because they get into an agreement with government on how to share monies collected from the people of Ontario. This really creates a precedence of corruption. Teachers, being beneficiaries of the Ontario’s education system are biased and influence our kids with socialist views. I assume that they are not all the same, but I have yet to meet an unpoliticized or conservatively inclined teacher.

There are some students that march and demand free education without asking who will pay for it. How many people with university degrees work jobs where a degree is not required? We have around 14 million people living in Ontario, out of which around seven million work including five million in the private sector. Only these five million actually contribute to the Ontario GDP.

Two million people who work for government or occupy government related jobs and do not contribute to the GDP, but live on taxes paid by five million and other government tax income collected throughout the province. Simply put, five million people and profitable corporations are feeding the other nine million. Because of this we are over $300,000,000,000 in debt. That is about $22,000 per person. When a government introduces something “FREE” they introduce an additional burden on these five million Ontarians working in the private sector and on our debt level. How much can we handle?

I hear the Government say that they invest our money here and there. Why does no one ask what is the rate of return on investment and how much money, we people of Ontario made?

Slowly, piece by piece our freedoms are being taken from us. We can not choose schools, doctors, hospitals, healthcare, energy companies, cable companies, insurance, casino, drugs, liquor, beer, wines, how and where we save money and in which form. How long will it take before we will have no choice of what we eat, how we raise our children, how much money we are allowed to have, where we live, what we watch, or even where we can go or not, whom we can befriend and what we can or cannot say? As a matter fact those are the rules of socialist societies. Is this the life we want for us and our children?

Ontario Government has became a thriving mob, controlling booze, drugs and gambling.

Each and every year, be it the LPC, CPC or NDP, raises our taxes in the form of various fees or direct tax increase on income, products or services.

Taxation without representation is theft. Who is there to stand for your rights?

What I will do if elected

I will introduce a motion to replace anything Government says is “FREE” with “Paid by the People of Ontario”. This will stop the perception/misconception that Government has any money or can generate monies by ways other than taking taxes from the people of Ontario. As a matter of fact the Government should not be allowed to compete with private enterprises in any type of business activity.

I will introduce a motion to eliminate hidden taxes, like Driver Licence Renewal Tax, Vehicle Registration Tax, Fishing License Tax, Hunting License Tax, Law Practicing Tax, Trade Licence Tax and many more, which are doubling every year. While Government claims they invest the proceeds from these taxes, I have not heard of any investment bankers on our Government‘s payroll or maybe there are? These taxes are killing our economy, robbing us and our families of our wealth. Where are the profits from these investments? And, what is the rate of return on these investments?

I will fight to get the Government out of any business in Ontario which can be run by private companies.

I will fight to prevent the Government and/or Government sponsored monopolies from robbing Ontario citizens due to absence of choice.

I will bring a motion to create “Paid by the People” childcare for every Ontario family.

I will fight to introduce private healthcare insurance in Ontario to give people the choice.

I will bring a motion to create an education voucher system where parents are free to make the choice of which schools their children will attend.

I will bring a motion to get the Government out of the auto insurance industry, so we can have competitive and fair insurance rates.

I will fight to eliminate personal income taxes completely.

I will bring a motion to disband Unions in Government run businesses, agencies and organizations. It is unfair when two bodies simply divide someone else's (People’s of Ontario) money among themselves without skin in the game.

I will bring a motion to make Government Posted Jobs transparent and in line with private market in terms of wages and perks. Currently Government employees earn more than the same positions in private sector while having multiple Government run insurance, pension and saving programs and benefits that private sector workers can only dream about. Last I checked it takes six months to get hired by a Government organization and it is practically impossible to get in.

I will fight to reduce Hydro rates. There is a lot to be done to change how our electrical grid is being serviced. There are many companies in Ontario which would gladly service our grid for much less money than Hydro One, but we are not allowed to choose them.

I will fight for Ontarians to have real private property rights. This to eliminate such cases where an injured intruder can sue a private property owner for assault and win. Currently under the law Government can confiscate your property, be it house, land or anything else.

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Having been born in a country governed by a communist dictatorship, I saw first hand what collective economy, suppression of personal liberties and forced equality do to people and to a country. Lately I see the grassroots of socialism in Canada and the USA. Our young generation is being poisoned by socialist ideas and it starts from kindergarten where kids learn to share and be equal.

Ken Lewis

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I am Ken Lewis and am your Ontario Libertarian Candidate for Orleans.

Born and raised in Ottawa (Overbrook area) in 1992 at the age of 24 I decided to go and explore the world. I ended up in Germany where I spent the next 16 years of my life. During this time I witnessed and experienced firsthand how foreign governments work.

When I returned to Canada I was dismayed at the changes that had occurred in my beautiful province.

After spending years complaining about the political situation I have decided that it is time to take action and give the province back to the people.

I have owned and operated three businesses since my return to Ontario.

I was able to give back to the community by offering our youth and future their first opportunity for employment and growth with The Ottawa East News.