Adrien Berthier

After coming to Sudbury in 2000 in search of work, I have worked at such places as Primerica, Western Inventory, Chapters, and

I have travelled to many places in the world and even lived overseas. But I've grown to love Sudbury. The city offers a combination of economic activity and Northern Ontario wilderness.

I have volunteered at the Canadian Blood Services and St Timothys church in the past.

I consider myself a Seventh day Adventist and a vegan. I love the outdoors and the hiking opportunities of the area.

My experiences serving every day Sudburians on a day-to-day basis on the front lines of local business will be to the advantage of all residents of Sudbury. I am sensitive to the needs of all residents of the city and believe that I offer a unique and refreshing alternative to the usual candidates.

I want to advocate for small business owners and entrepreneurs to create jobs for people of all walks of life. If elected, I would like to donate 25% percent of my MPP salary to the Sudbury food bank.