Coreen Corcoran

Coreen Corcoran was elected to the position of Deputy Leader on October 24th, 2021. She was the Ontario Libertarian Party candidate for Nepean-Carleton during the Ontario Election in 2014 and is currently the president of the OLP Ottawa-Vanier constituency association. She also ran as the Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Ottawa-Vanier in 2015, and for Ottawa-Centre in 2019.

Coreen is running because she wants to spread different ideas about how the government fits into our lives. "We are battling against more than 50 years of increased government control over how we are allowed to live our lives. Less government control and more personal freedom to choose what is right for ourselves and our families will lead to a more prosperous Ontario. More government handouts to individuals, and picking which companies and industries to bail out lead to less inspiration, imagination, and innovation. Ontario has an educated workforce that could become leaders in their respective industries if given the freedom to create without constraints imposed upon them through government regulation.".

"What the main parties fail to realize is that the demographics across Ontario are changing with more households headed by single people and seniors. Handouts and tax breaks for families don’t apply to their lifestyles. What this province needs in order to get out of debt and back on track is less government regulation and interference in our everyday lives. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to deal with red-tape at multiple levels of government. Consumers should have access to more choices in healthcare, education, and other service providers.". 

Coreen has lived in Ottawa most of her life and also lived and worked in the United States and England. She grew up in Ottawa South and attended Carleton University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree. In 2016, she completed a Master of Arts with a specialization in Global Change. She loves to travel and has visited many cities and countries. Each one has given her a new perspective on the way people around the world live. She shares her home in Beacon Hill with her husband Robin, their dog, and two cats.