Eric Cummings

About Me

I grew up in Temagami and am a resident of Temiskaming Shores. Moved away in 2016 but always felt like something was missing. My wife of eight years and our four children moved back to the area in 2020 and purchased a small hobby farm and it is the best decision we could have made.

I am an avid outdoorsman with an education in both natural resource management and adventure tourism. 

I am community oriented with a history of volunteer experience.

  • Lorne Pacey young volunteers award.
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada.
  • Fisheries Management Zone 11 Committee.
  • Two years Temiskaming Shores Volunteer Fire Department.

Why Libertarian?

In the last provincial election, I was sitting in the parking lot of the polling station and was frustrated with our current parties. I had every intention of walking in and spoiling my ballot. I felt the urge to look through the smaller parties on the ballot in my region, and that is when I discovered the Ontario Libertarian Party. I felt that the platform and principles were something that I could truly relate to. Throughout the pandemic, I began to see things that frustrated me and pushed me to want to be an advocate and a voice for the Freedom of Choice movement.